Lishan is the key area in Taiwan where mountain area has been highly developed. In the early years, in order to accommodate officers and soldiers after finishing Zhongheng highway, governments built a number of mountain farms for soldiers’ housing and farming, such as Lishan area, Fushoushan Farm and Wuling Farm. Nowadays, they are the largest mountain farms for temperate vegetable & fruit, attracting much attention as the highlight for mountain agriculture. In addition to the early JinMa bus drove across the central area, there were also other important facilities, such as Lishan Guest House, People’s Hotel and Lishan Station, served as important bases. They also attracted tourists and led reclamation boom. In 1960s, governments planned to build Deji reservoir in the upstream of Dajia river for the development of water resources and the establishment of hydroelectric power plant while it could be used for people's livelihood. "Deji Reservoir Upstream Watershed Management Committee” was then established to actively promote the overall conservation of the reservoir. This is the first reservoir management committee in Taiwan.
           After constant effort of the SWCB, Great Lishan area has maintained stable and safe conditions for soil and water conservation. The difficult course of remediation has accumulated a lot of valuable experience, with many precious historical data. In particular, the re-opening of Lishan Guest House was welcome recognition for the efforts of Lishan landslide remediation.
          “Among all Taiwan mountain, Lishan is the only one that has undergone from collapse and landslide to remediation and long-term monitoring. It can be seen as a complete and precious set of teaching materials for soil and water conservation, as well as a unique and ideal teaching field”. Therefore, it is necessary to set up a dedicated room for the preservation of those rich materials. In addition to maintain the current monitoring work, it can also promote further research work; also, domestic and oversea experts and scholars can visit the site and conduct more deep research. "Keeping hope possible, “Lishan experience” can be introduced to the outside world so that the academic research of soil and water conservation can be put into practical application in the whole world”.